Wonder Woman 1984 nabs highest home field workplace opening of pandemic

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Wonder Woman 1984 raked in about $36.1 million USD (roughly $46.4 million CAD) on the field workplace over the Christmas vacation weekend.

Warner Bros. shared the knowledge with Reuters on December twenty seventh and confirmed plans for a 3rd installment within the franchise.

According to Warner Bros, of the $36.1 million, $16.7 million USD got here from U.S. and Canadian theatres.

Those numbers make Wonder Woman 1984 the best home field workplace opening for the reason that pandemic started in March, ensuing within the closure of theatres. Although the numbers had been good for 2020, they pale compared to these you’d see for a typical big-budget motion movie, in response to Reuters.

Along with the field workplace numbers, Warner Bros. advised Reuters that tens of millions of individuals additionally watched the film from residence, the place it was made obtainable on streaming networks and premium video-on-demand (PVoD) providers.

To watch Wonder Woman 1984 in Canada, you’ll have to hire it from iTunes, Google Play or the Cineplex Store. Rentals price $29.99 and final 48 hours. After the film’s premium video on-demand window expires, it should additionally stream on Bell’s Crave service.

As for affirmation of a 3rd film, Warner Bros. mentioned it might speed up the event of the movie, which may also be written by Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot because the titular Wonder Woman.

Source: Reuters

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