Tesla software program replace brings ‘Boombox’ characteristic, lets drivers fart at folks

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Tesla began rolling out a vacation replace to its autos. The replace contains enjoyable new skills just like the ‘Boombox’ mode that lets customers broadcast audio and set customized horn sounds, akin to a fart noise.

Available in Tesla ‘firmware 2020.48.26‘, the Boombox mode offers several alternative horn sounds. Users can customize these sounds by navigating to the ‘Toybox’ part by means of the display of their automobile. Sounds embrace a goat baaing, applause, a ‘tada’ clip, the fart sound and extra.

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The Boombox mode makes use of Tesla autos’ exterior audio system to play the audio. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required silent electrical autos to emit some noise to alert pedestrians, so each Tesla manufactured after September 1st, 2019 contains built-in audio system.

Boombox mode goes above and past alternate honk sounds — the characteristic additionally lets folks customise the sounds performed by their automobile when it’s driving, once they use ‘summon’ options or when it’s parked. For instance, The Verge notes the replace added a music much like what ice cream vans play. It additionally means your Tesla can fart on command, not simply once you honk.

Finally, drivers can add 5 customized tracks to play by means of their Tesla’s exterior audio system. Some folks have already began pondering up methods to make use of (or misuse) the characteristic.

Overall, it looks as if a enjoyable little replace for Tesla autos, particularly in case you’re the kind of individual that appreciates a very good fart joke. Along with Boombox, the replace brings new video games — The Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest and Solitaire — and enhancements for a number of totally different info show screens. Check out this Reddit put up for full particulars on the replace.

Source: The Verge

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