Disney+ unique The Mandalorian was 2020’s most pirated TV present

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People actually didn’t wish to pay to observe The Mandalorian and child Yoda in 2020.

Every yr, Torrentfreak, a weblog that focuses on information surrounding piracy and torrents, ranks essentially the most regularly pirated tv reveals of the yr. While Game of Thrones normally tops the checklist, this yr was a bit completely different given the collection is over.

This yr’s most pirated TV present was Disney+ unique The Mandalorian, a rise from the third-place slot it secured final yr.

The second most pirated tv present was Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, adopted by HBO’s Westworld.

What’s most notable about these three reveals is that they’re unique to completely different streaming companies. For instance, you want Disney+ to observe The Mandalorian, which prices $8.99 per thirty days in Canada, and to observe The Boys, you want an Amazon Prime subscription, which prices $79 per yr. Westworld, however, prices $19.98 per thirty days to observe because it requires a base Crave subscription ($9.99 per thirty days) together with HBO (an extra $9.99 per thirty days).

It’s probably the truth that these three well-liked TV reveals can be found on completely different platforms performed a minimum of some position in how typically they have been pirated.

Other notable reveals included in Torrentfreak’s checklist are Star Trek: Picard, Outsider and due to course, Rick and Morty. 

Check Torrentfreak’s full checklist of 2020’s most pirated TV reveals under:

  1. 1. The Mandalorian
  2. 2. The Boys
  3. 3. Westworld
  4. 4. Vikings
  5. 5. Star Trek: Picard
  6. 6. Rick and Morty
  7. 7. The Walking Dead
  8. 8. The Outsider
  9. 9. Arrow
  10. 10. The Flash

Source: Torrentfreak 

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